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Introducing SQUAD – the new CHAT BOARD® dream team!

CHAT BOARD SQUAD The Teacher and the Collectors by RUMRUM

a quintessentially Scandinavian collaboration…

Seamlessly shaped in the Scandinavian tradition of form meeting function in perfect unison, every member of the CHAT BOARD® SQUAD offers the ultimate in effortless functionality and uncompromising aesthetics in a coolly contemporary and streamlined design by Swedish space planners par excellence, RUMRUM.

Enviably slender and elegantly agile, each piece in the SQUAD collection distinguishes itself by being exceptionally user-friendly, as well as pleasing to both eye and touch. And with each of them offering a unique set of hard-to-live-without qualities, together they make up an unbeatable team of versatile multitaskers.

From the earliest stages of creative inspiration to the final day of completion, SQUAD has been a true team effort, developed in close collaboration with RUMRUM with the aim to provide the ultimate in-house consulting crew, easily adaptable for any kind of workplace. The result is a six-piece capsule collection made up of three freestanding mobile units, two attachable desk front screens and one self-supporting desk divider, all accompanied by their very own storage support team, the SQUAD collectors.

freestanding, mobile units

The Professor and the Teacher are the scholarly, yet fun, educators, allowing creative freedom and mobility to flourish in a safe and stable environment, while the Runner has a slightly sprightlier approach, values its independence and prefers to underplay its composure on the exterior.

CHAT BOARD SQUAD Professor front elevation and detail
The Professor
CHAT BOARD SQUAD The Teacher side elevation and detail
The Teacher
CHAT BOARD SQUAD The Runner front elevation and detail
The Runner

desk front screens and divider

The Guards are the protectors, providing a personal space away from visual noise and unwelcome distractions, while being sympathetic to the need to put your own individual touch on your environment. While its close relation, the Poet, has many of the same qualities, it likes to keep things less static and is prone to spontaneity.

CHAT BOARD SQUAD The Guard with table and backside detail
The Guard
CHAT BOARD SQUAD The Poet with table and closeup with BuzziFelt
The Poet


The Collectors are the constant companions across the collection. They look after the practical stuff, make everything that little bit easier for everyone else and will always keep hanging in there through it all.

CHATBOARD The Collectors closeups in RAL7021 and RAL9001
The Collectors

the facts

The design is kept deliberately understated and minimalist. The lightweight, powder coated steel structures serve as elegantly simple, yet multifunctional frames for the writable magnetic glass surfaces and/or BuzziFelt sound-dampening pin boards on either side of each of the SQUAD units. The latter are both contrasted and accentuated by perforated steel panels incorporated in the steel structure, boasting a clearly geometrical square pattern design. In SQUAD form equals function, and no feature is without purpose. The Collectors provide easily attachable, essential storage for pens and personal effects while creating an additional vertical pattern that is as individual as the user.

Designed and manufactured in Scandinavia, the SQUAD units are delivered flat packed and easily assembled on site, thus reducing both shipping costs and environmental impact.

Developed to bring freedom of movement and creative expression into the workspace, SQUAD encourages the rediscovery, and even reinvention, of the analogue pleasure of seeing thoughts and ideas take physical shape and come to life, basing its design on the belief that work should be both fun and stimulating as well as productive.

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