Company Portrait 2017 – CHAT BOARD A/S


Within the past 15 years, the Danish company CHAT BOARD A/S (formerly Focus Products A/S) has turned the magnetic glass board CHAT BOARD® Classic into a multi-product that has become an important element in modern office and home design.

Founded by Hans Henning Jensen in 1982, he started out by manufacturing screen filters made of special glass with optic coating, which was mounted onto the computers of the time to eliminate light reflections from the screen. Later on, this type of special glass turned into CHAT BOARD® Classic.

Today, his daughter Josefine Honoré is leading CHAT BOARD A/S and Hans Henning Jensen is in charge of R&D with a focus on product development – particularly in the area of acoustic solutions for implementation in the CHAT BOARD® Products.

The company is located in Ballerup north of Copenhagen. Behind the showrooms, the offices and the storeroom are the big cutting machines and an enormous colour printer that prints logos, pictures and graphics onto the glass boards. 

”By having the manufacturing area so close by, it does not take long from the client’s phone call and his description of the idea to the actual end product, ” Josefine Honoré explains. ”To us, it is important to be manufacturing in Denmark as we are selling a Danish product.”

CHAT BOARD A/S has always been a family company and Josefine has been involved since 2002. Amongst other things, she was the one – along with her brother Jesper – who came up with the idea of using the glass in a new way by adding new colours and making it magnetic to create a noticeboard that could be used for writing and drawing as well. This noticeboard was given the name CHAT BOARD® Classic and it turned into a big success within no time.

At first, the elegant glass boards were sold in selected home and design shops but very quickly also architects and interior design companies started ordering the boards in special sizes and colours. This laid the ground for a creative idea development process, which is still the essence of this father-daughter co-operation:

Hans Henning Jensen has a vast technical knowledge about the possibilities behind the glass boards and Josefine Honoré has a well-developed sense of design and interior decoration.

Today, the classic CHAT BOARD® is the DNA of this company. All new products are based on this multi-functional, magnetic glass board, which can be used for writing, drawing and hanging posters. It can easily be fitted to suit any company, however large or small, and any environment from a multinational IT company to a production school.   

Many new products have followed in the wake of the big glass board: tables, wardrobes, magazine holders, calendar designs and projectable boards. Almost all products are available in 25 standard glass colours and all designs can be made to fit in special sizes and with logo and photo print.

”The development from entrepreneur to international company that reflects Danish design has been an exciting process,” says Josefine Honoré. ”Ten years ago, we employed 3-4 sales persons and now we have sales partners in 24 countries and clients throughout the world. That is why product development is so important because we owe that to our clients and our staff members to make them feel that things are moving and that we are not just resting on our laurels.”

The newest products with an important acoustic focus will be presented at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in February 2017.

  • CHAT BOARD® Classic is available in 14 standard sizes and 25 colours, as well as in special sizes, shapes and colours.
  • In addition to CHAT BOARD® Classic, our collection also contains 2 different mobile boards, a wardrobe, meeting and office desks, magazine holders and glass boards with calendar designs.
  • Digital print technology on glass, e.g. company logo, planning systems and photos in high solution quality.
  • Acoustic solutions as panels on the back of the glass board, as a freestanding partition. 
  • References: Novo Nordisk, Tele2, Arp Hansen Hotel Group, Louis Vuitton, PWC, Nike, Phillips, Sony, Gentofte Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital, Capital One, DTU, Nordea, Danske Bank, CBS.


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