Magnetic glass whiteboards by CHAT BOARD®

Our magnetic glass boards are available in multiple colours and ideal for working environments and interior settings due to their uniqueness in terms of colours, sizes etc.

Magnetic glass boards

Below is our broad range of magnetic glass boards, which all offer write on/wipe off functionality. A magnetic glass board from CHAT BOARD® is a modern alternative to a tradtional whiteboard solution - it has all the same features but also represents a decorative design element in the room. Our magnetic glass boards allows you to draw and write directly onto the board with a liquid chalk marker or a regular whiteboard pen. Afterwards your drawing, chart or writing can be wiped off the board using a chalkboard eraser or a dry cloth. It is also possible to hang paper and other objects directly on the board using one or more magnets.

CHAT BOARD® glass boards are available in multiple sizes and in many vibrant colours.