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We manufacture a wide range of coloured magnetic glass boards including the original CHAT BOARD® Classic – a unique magnetic glass memo board alternative to traditional whiteboards.

PRESS RELEASE 2017 -New product launch

2/6/2017 10:23:37 AM




At Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017, Chat Board by Focus Products A/S is pleased to present a solution combining glass boards, acoustic panels and mobile partition.

Solutions providing good acoustics, mobilityand partition are vital elements in modern furnishing of offices, meeting rooms and lounge areas. While these three individual elements are well known, the new products in theChat Board collection are setting completely new standards for innovative interior design by incorporating all 3 aspects.

The company has created a unique, wall-mounted, reversible board that offers a magnetic glass board on one side and an acoustic panel on the other - Chat Board Swing. Measuring 900 x 1,200 mm, you can turn Chat Board Swing in a wink and choose the most suitable side of the board depending on the nature of the meeting or presentation that you are planning. In addition, the new reversible glass board is flanked by acoustic panels on both sides each measuring 600 x 900 mm.

”Our ambition was to create a design where acoustic solutions and the Chat Board Classic magnetic glass board turns into a new element. We did this in co-operation with furniture designer René Hougaard and we are very pleased with the result”, says Josefine Honoré, Managing director and second generation at the Danish-owned family company Focus Products A/S that developed Chat Board Classic almost 15 years ago.

”This has been a bit of an engineering task. Not because the board is heavy but because it must fulfil all technical and functional requirements just like any other product of the Chat Board collection. This has been a particularly exciting assignment because it required the development of a whole new system,” René Hougaard (ARDE design studio) says.

In addition to the reversible board, Chat Board Swing, Focus Products A/S presents a series of mobileboards with the classic magnetic glass board on one side and acoustic panels on the other side, named Chat Board Move as well as the new Chat Board Storage Box. The name says it all; a practical holder for markers etc. will also be presented in 3 different versions. The sculptural wheels make up a really nice detail on the mobile boards and the partitions. Not only a delight to the eye, they make it easy to move the module – almost like a shopping cart but much easier and completely quiet. And because they are easy to stack together and the legs line up nicely, the partitions do not require much storage space when not in use.

From the introduction of the very first magnetic glass board, Chat Board Classic, by Focus Products A/S, quality and functionality have been the most important product development factors, and they have turned into the DNA of this company.

These factors are also essential to the new products that will be presented at this year’s Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. As such boards and room partition systems are manufactured using the very best acoustic panels in quality class A.




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